Institutional Mortgages

What are institutional mortgages?

Sometimes referred to as “religion financing,” institutional mortgages are available for those looking for funding for houses of worship. These mortgages are also needed to purchase education centres, such as primary and secondary schools.

Institutional mortgages are considered niche lending by banks and lenders. However, like traditional mortgages, institutional mortgages are available in long-term, short-term, fixed-rate and variable rate financing.

Our clients have the ability to inquire and apply for an institutional mortgage. As this is a specific type of mortgage, our team is highly skilled in providing you an outstanding experience while keeping in mind your best interests.


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9Star Capital is a Canadian intermediary between lender and acquirer with a highly successful and lending programs. We have made a steady growth over the years to win the trust of our investors and customer in mortgage loans across Canada and have quickly become a trusted name in the market of mortgages. Our commercial mortgage team is “best in class” with a proven track record in Canadian mortgage lending. 

To find out more about how it works and how you should proceed to acquire lending for institutional mortgage, please do not hesitate to contact us where all your questions will be answered on a way to become a happy customer or investor with us in this type of lending.

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